Data Duplication

Crossroads info bring immediate cost savings to any organization that needs high-performance access to data. The most immediate savings result from using significantly less disk space to store backup data. This can mean purchasing less disk capacity, or freeing up existing capacity and making it available for other uses. Beyond the initial cost savings, operational benefits can reduce costs over time.

Deduplication segments an incoming data stream, uniquely identifies data segments, and then compares the segments to previously stored data. If the segment is unique, it's stored on disk. However, if an incoming data segment is a duplicate of what has already been stored, a reference is created to it and the segment isn't stored again.

Improved backup processes, lower costs

Data deduplication improves efficiency and saves money—exactly what is needed when IT budgets are tight.

  • Eliminate redundant data
  • Shrink your backup repository by 95%
  • Reduce your storage requirements and maximize storage utilization

Seamless integration into your backup environment

Backup is critical to protecting data and ensuring its recoverability. However, backup applications, by design, continuously create new copies of the same data, resulting in an explosion of required storage capacity on tape and disk.

Crossroads info integrate seamlessly into your backup environment to address this problem. They replicate only deduplicated data blocks rather than the full backup set, reducing media costs, streamlining management tasks, and minimizing the bandwidth required for replication.