Legacy Data Conversion

The Crossroads info can convert your Word Legacy Data to any standard output format quickly and inexpensively. Our standard conversion prices include converstion to DocBook, DITA, MIL-STD-38784, S1000D, and IETM.

Deduplication segments an incoming data stream, uniquely identifies data segments, and then compares the segments to previously stored data. If the segment is unique, it's stored on disk. However, if an incoming data segment is a duplicate of what has already been stored, a reference is created to it and the segment isn't stored again.

The Crossroads info has reduced conversion time for our customers up to 98%. Before using our process, one defense customer expected that converting all of their legacy data from Interleaf to SGML would would take 22 years to complete. These documents were converted to two different document formats at the same time. They required both custom paper and custom IETM output. After working with the Legacy Data Conversion Center, they were able to convert all 1500 documents in 8 months, saving 21 years (doing it themselves) and saving $1.8 M and 15 months (using an LDC competitor).

We have the expertise to offer the Conversion of 2D & 3D Legacy Data. We have experience and skills to import data from various CAD Systems using the available data translators. We also have the skills to offer 3D part modeling, Sub Assembly and Assembly Creation, 2D to 3D Conversion and Data Migration Services from one CAD software to another. Our team also has considerable knowledge to create complex surface geometries using advance surface functions.

We programmatically update and eliminate redundant or non-applicable data. We can begin with original data from paper, microfilm, microfiche or electronic files and convert it to a variety of formats that can be updated, managed and published in any media, including CD-ROM, Intranet/Internet, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML and many other formats, on magnetic or optical media.