Photo Correction

Crossroads info is the specialist in Clipping path and Retouching solutions and we believes in providing the best of clipping path and retouching work for you, customised to your needs and requirements. We take care of your post production work as per your instructions and give you awesome results for your images that saves your time and money and grow your business faster, bigger and stronger.

We are committed to serve quality services in the best turnaround time to our growing globalized customers based across the world. As our Motto says “Images speak louder then words” we believe in it truly. CMI values the importance and security of your images, so all the images are always kept here under high security and confidentiality.

We also provide the security of a separate FTP for our clients, for uploading and downloading of images on request. Following international guidelines and instructions has always been a key-strength for CMI to its satisfied clients who never compromise with the quality.

Clipping Path

We expertise in clipping path service. From basic to complex to very complex images,we are able to do it all. Provide the best quality has been our endevour from the very beginning. As as our motto say our "Images speak louder then words" and we speak less.

Retouching for Clothes, Jewellery, Fashion & Product Images

We expertise in retouching for apperal,jewellery, product & fashion images. Which may need removing dolls/mannequin, rectification of Stylist Errors, editing of apperal images, adjustment of inserts in cloth Images Interior/exterior image editing. Retouching of Jewellery images with cleaning, polishing and putting the desired effect to make the image more appealing and attractive.

Beauty/Glamour Retouching

We provide Beauty Retouching services for your fashion ,modelling, photoshoot images which may need removal of imperfection in skin, remove blemishes, remove fly away hairs, whiten teeth, overall color correction, general spotting of marks,improve skin texture, remove wrinkles and over all image beautification.


We provide masking services depending on your image, our experianced team will generate a layer mask or a series of alpha channels based on your requirements. Specially for your complex hair and fur images for retaining your high level of detail and perfection for the utmost image clarity. Best suited for group and wedding ocassion